Migrating to 1.2

This version introduces some BC breaks to the previous versions.

Backward incompatible changes

rampage\core\url has been removed

This component was removed in favour of a more generic implementation rampage\\core\\BaseUrl. Also all url locators relying on this component have been refactored.

The base url configuration can now be defined in the urls section of your config:

// module configs; config/conf.d/*.conf.php
return [
    'urls' => [
        'base_url' => 'http://foo.bar.org/',
        'resources' => [
            'base_url' => 'http://foobar.somecdn.com/',

Refactored URL Locators / Helpers

All url helpers and url locators have been refactored to accept a base url via constructor or/and a setBaseUrl(). This base url may be a string, a Zend\\Uri\\Http instance or a rampage\\core\\BaseUrl instance.

All dependencies to rampage\\core\\url components have been removed.

This simplifies the configuration of these components and removes uneccessary dependencies.

Removed rampage\ui from main package

This component is removed from the main package. It will be merged into a base ui implementation rampage-php/ui.

Removed deprecated asset path format

The deprecated asset path format foo.res::relative/path has been removed.